Go Dance! Season 2

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Type: TV project
Genre: entertaining dance show
Year of production: 2011
Number of episodes: 8
Written by: Ekaterina Andrienko
Executive Producers: Vlad Korchin, Alya Kasperskaya
Producers: Daria Legoni-Fialko , Vlad Riashyn , Vladimir Zelenskiy , Sergey Shefir
Premiere: 03/09/2011, on "Inter" (Ukraine)
GO DANCE is an amazing show, the first of its kind and unique in its grandiose and monumental concept. Its purpose is to bring together talented young people through the art of mass formation dancing. Bringing together huge dance teams from twelve different cities, GO DANCE is a spectacular competition staged live every week in Maydan, the main square in the capital. In Maydan itself, as well as in central squares in other participating cities, thousands of fans gather to support their favourite teams in their performances.

The teams, each numbering up to five hundred dancers, start by preparing and rehearsing their performances under the careful tuition of the chief choreographer. The casting of lots divides the city teams into tournaments (competing pairs), and they compete for the right to get into the final, with the winning city becoming the ‘Dance Capital’ of the country. The whole process of preparation and rehearsal is filmed by a reality TV crew.

Each number is not just a mass collective formation dance routine, but a masterpiece of brilliant choreography and coordination, filmed with great artistry, resulting in a spectacular visual experience, which captures the unique spirit and flavour of each city or region where the participants come from.

The jury evaluates each team’s performance by awarding scores. But their destiny is also decided by the television audience at home - viewers can vote for their favourite team on the internet, by SMS or telephone. Along with the title ‘Dance Capital’, the winning team receives a monetary award in recognition of its artistic achievement in beautifying and fulfilling the dreams of their native city. The result is a spectacular two-hour show broadcast live every week in front of a huge audience in the central square and watched by millions of viewers at home.

GO DANCE unites the whole country in a visual spectacle of truly epic proportions.