Huge victory on "The American Cannes"!

War Drama "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" Co-Produced by Real-Dakota, Interfest and Star Media Awarded
Highest Award for Best Feature Film
at The Moondance International Film Festival (USA, Colorado)


The Moondance International Film Festival is one of the most famous and respected television festivals in the United States today. The festival welcomes the true spirit, culture and art of cinematography and screenwriting, and is better known as the “American Cannes". Industry professionals from around the world - TV content producers, filmmakers, writers, composers, actors - participate in the festival. It was founded in 1999. Official award ceremony will take place today, 5 September, 2016 at the GalaAwardDinner to be held in the St. JulienHotel, Colorado (USA).

Source: http://moondancefilmfestival.com/

Russian and Ukrainian projects has never became winners in any of The Moondance International Film Festival’s nominations.

"The Dawns Here Are Quiet" has become the first one and is awarded the highest prize as the best feature film.

"To my mind, the story featured in the novella by Boris Vasilyev is global. It belongs to the category of universal values, and it seems to me that nobody remained indifferent after reading it. We are very pleased that our film has been watched and appreciated in different parts of the world, recently in China and now in the United States. We are grateful for the award of such a prestigious festival,"- says Renat Davletyarov, the film’s director.


Vlad Ryashin, general producer at Star Media: «It is extremely important for us not only to achieve high ratings and efficient distribution, but also to be recognized in the global professional environment. And we are especially glad that the films produced Star Media are regularly found to be among the best ones and get the highest awards. The recognition by the festival having such a long and diverse history tells of the quality meeting the high international level standards because here we compete with films from around the world. "

The screen adaptation of the story by Boris Vasilyev was timed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of victory in the World War 2. The main part of the story was filmed in Karelia in summer and autumn 2014. The film premiered in theaters in Russia and Ukraine on 30 April, 2015. Its 4-episode television version premiered on May 9, 2016, on Channel One (Russia) and the TV channel Inter (Ukraine).

The movie was shown in the theaters in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, and China. In China, the film was released in theaters on August 25, 2015, with 3540 copies. As part of the premiere campaign, a series of events was held in Beijing.



It is late spring of 1942, and World War 2 is in full swing. A long way off from the front-line, at some God-forgotten junction, the Germans make an air landing operation in an attempt to get through to the Kirov railway and the White Sea - the Baltic Sea Canal. These aren't just ordinary paratroopers. This is a team of seasoned and highly trained infiltrators, the elite of the Waffen-SS, superhumans. The only thing in their way is an anti-aircraft artillery unit of corporal Vaskov and five young women in training. It may seem like a fight of local significance, but the country’s main strategic transportation artery is at stake. Can the corporal and his 'petite newbies' prevent Nazi sabotage and at what cost?