The Winner from "Detective Anna" in Seoul International Drama Awards!

"Detective Anna" won the main prize of

Seoul International Drama Awards


The "Detective Anna" series, one of the main hits by Star Media, got the main prize of the 12th International Prize Seoul International Drama Awards.

"Detective Anna " has been included in the shortlist of the nomination "Best Drama Series" along with seven other series from around the world - from Turkey and the UAE to Brazil and Colombia.

Moreover, Aleksandra Nikiforova, performer of the leading role in the series, won the prize for "Best Drama TV Series Actress ". Her only rival in the competition for the award was a Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim.


Seoul International Drama Awards is one of the most prestigious international awards in the field of TV production, but no project from Ukraine and Russia has ever won in its main categories yet. In 2017, the prizes will be awarded for the 12th time. To participate in it, more than 250 applications by filmmakers from 55 countries have been submitted. The names of the winners will be announced during the ceremony on September 7, 2017.


"Detective Anna " is a story about a young provincial woman, Anna Mironova (Aleksandra Nikiforova), endowed with intuition and an extraordinary mind. She lives in Zatonsk, a small provincial town of the XIX century, and is very different from the girls of her time. Though born in the province, Anna is very well educated. She is considered strange because she does not take interest in usual girlish amusements: she prefers bicycle racing rather than cross-stitching, wears Turkish-style trousers and takes great interest in spiritualism... Her strangeness causes people to condemn her. However, Anna does not mind the slanting looks. Her soul yearns for adventure! So, one day she meets Yakov Stolman (Dmitry Frid), a Moscow detective who has arrived in Zatonsk on a secret business. He is a confirmed bachelor and materialist. Anna offers him her help in finding criminals, but he does not trust her at first. However, over time, he takes the unusual girl’s  words into account oftener and oftener and finally starts involving her in investigating the most complicated and intricate cases.


"Detective Anna"

Genre: detective with elements of paranormal

Year of production: 2016

Number of episodes: 56

Directed by: Feliks Gerchikov, Yevgeniy Semionov, Artur Rumynskiy, Sergey Mezentsev, Denis Karro, Vitaliy Bordachev

Written by: Yuliya Venglovskaya, Aleksey Kolmogorov, Pavel Kim, Sergey Golubev, Maria Kretinina

Composers: Anton Silayev, Sergey Skripnikov

Producers: Vitaliy Bordachev, Darya Legoni-Fialko, Yekaterina Andriyenko, Vlad Ryashin


Cast: Aleksandra Nikiforova, Dmitriy Frid, Sergey Druzyak, Irina Sidorova, Andrey Ryklin, Boris Khvoshniansky, Andrey Lukyanov, Nikolay Denisov, Yelena Polyakova, Algis Arlauskas, Vladimir Pivovarov, Galina Zvyagintseva, Olga Sumskaya, Sofia Ardova, Valeria Zabegayeva, Vladimir Koshevoy, Dmitriy Bedarev, Sergey Marin