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    The Tenth Wave

    • Format
      TV series
    • Genre
    • Year
    • Directors
      Sergey Vinogradov
    • Operator
      Igor Rukin
    • Producer
      Artem Dollezhal, Vladyslav Riashyn
    • Cast
      Alexey Onezhen, Aleksey Fateev, Anastasia Dyatlova, Anton Morozov, Viktoria Gerasimova, Victor Nemets, Ekaterina Melkova, Kirill Prodolyatchenko, Kristina Neyaskina, Larisa Paramonova, Ol'ga Arntgolts


    Alik and Zhenya have been in love with each other since school. But the parents are against their relationship and are doing everything to separate them. The family provides Alik with a brilliant future as a chemist in Moscow, Zhenya stays with father in his hometown.

    20 years pass. Zhenya has a calm, well-adjusted life with her husband Klim and son Roma. There was no great love with her husband, but there is respect and family warmth. Alik returns to his hometown to open a new polymer manufacturing company. He is a widower, has a daughter Sonya and lives with his girlfriend Mira, who dreams of marrying him.

    Zhenya and Alik meet, and the old feelings cover them with their heads. They initially resist in order not to hurt their loved ones, but great love does not let them go.