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    The Closer (Season 6)

    • Format
      TV series
    • Genre
    • Year
    • Number of episodes
    • Directors
      Andrey Golovkov
    • Scenario
      Zhanna Zaloga, Irena Seslavinskaya, Rostislav Nesterov, Svetlana Frichinskaya, Tatiana Izosimova, Yana Rayskaya
    • Operator
      Sergey Blednov
    • Composer
      Ilya Dukhovniy
    • Producer
      Vladyslav Riashyn, Daria Lavrova
    • Cast
      Aleksandr Voevodin, Aleksandr Makogon, Anastasia Velikoroidnaya, Anatoliy Gushchin, Anatoliy Kot, Yegor Barinov, Vasiliy Butkevich, Vladimir Nikolenko, Denis Burgazliev, Dmitriy Kulichkov, Dmitriy Miller, Irina Pulina, Serafima Nizovskaya, Eduard Chekmazov


    Everything is good in Colonel Aleksandra Kushnir’s life. Ably supported by her professional team, she successfully handles the most difficult and challenging criminal cases, while at home her family life is happy and harmonious. A second baby is on the way too. Suddenly, however, an unexpected problem with her husband destroys all her hopes and reopens a door which had previously seemed closed, thus confronting Aleksandra with a number of difficult choices. Yet, it is these very difficulties that help her decide what things really matter to her – what are truly valuable and precious in her life. Aleksandra makes an important decision and dives back into her work – an environment she knows so well and where she can be in complete control.