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    The Adviser

    • Format
      TV series
    • Genre
    • Year
    • Number of episodes
    • Directors
      Oleg Turanskiy
    • Scenario
      Alina Semeriakova, Igor Shvetsov, Renat Gilfanov
    • Operator
      Aleksandr Grebennikov
    • Producer
      Aleksey Terentiev
    • Cast
      Aleksey Morozov, Aleksey Nagrudniy, Alina Sergeeva, Anna Aref'eva, Arthur Logay, Dmitriy Solovyev, Elizar Nazarenko, Igor Portyanko, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Pavel Vishnyakov, Pavel Kharlanchuk


    Boris Krylov is wheelchair-bound after an accident. However, he remains a top-rank forensic expert despite his health condition. His exceptional abilities – attention to detail, vast knowledge in the forensics, meticulousness and non-standard thinking ensure success in the investigation of even the most intrinsic and complex crimes.
    Krylov’s old friend, Colonel Kravets of the police, asks Boris for help – two young women has been killed and one is missing. So, Krylov takes up this difficult case...