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    • Format
      TV series
    • Genre
    • Year
    • Number of episodes
    • Directors
      Konstantin Statskiy
    • Scenario
      Maksim Romantsov
    • Operator
      Dayan Gaytkulov
    • Producer
      Aleksandr Starikov, Anatoly Tupitsyn, Andrey Anokhin, Vladimir Tyulin, Vladimir Filimonov, Vyacheslav Murugov, Denis Utochkin, Zhora Kryzhovnikov, Maxim Rybakov, Nadezhda Gareva-Rekhter
    • Cast
      Vladislav Miller, Daria Ursuliak, Oleg Menshikov, Olga Tumaikina, Rostislav Bershauer


    Mikhail Romanov is a judge at a municipal district court in a seaside town and is renowned for his high principles of justice and strict adherence to the law. One day Mikhail learns that his teenage son, Anton is in serious trouble. Without asking his father’s permission, Anton had taken his car for a spin and accidentally knocked down a motorcyclist, after which he fled from the scene of the accident. Without any hesitation, Mikhail takes his son to the police – he must confess and be punished. However, the motorcyclist turns out to be the son of one of the most dangerous crime bosses in the town, whom Mikhail was personally responsible for sending to prison a year ago. He well knows that admitting to the accident will mean Anton’s certain death. Will the judge be able to save his son, and what sacrifices will he be ready to make in order to achieve this?