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project poster

    BOLSHOI. Rise and fall behind the curtain

    • Format
      feature film
    • Genre
    • Year
    • Timing Timing
      110 minutes
    • Directors
      Anastasia Popova
    • Scenario
      Anastasia Popova, Marina Bandilenko
    • Operator
      Aleksandr Kiper, Sergey Amirdzhanov
    • Producer
      Angelina Ashman, Maria Protsenko, Mathias Greving, Nadezhda Gareva-Rekhter, Nikolay Sergeyev
    • Cast
      Agunda Kulaeva, Anna Netrebko, Margarita Shriner, Svetlana Zakharova, Yusif Eyvazov


    What is the Bolshoi Theatre? National heritage of the Russian Federation. Phenomenon of world culture. Grandeur and strength. Traditions and innovation. Grand music and timeless plots. The delights of touching a miracle known since childhood. Unending fairy feast with tremendous work behind the scenes…This is what everyone knows. However, are we aware of the true value of this phenomenon and do we understand what efforts lie behind the outward easiness and magic of what is happening on the stage? The real life of the theatre is hidden from us by heavy curtain folds. 

    Now we will be able to see the Bolshoi Theatre through the eyes of people that work there – day after day, month after month. Today it is extremely important to know that in the chaos of our lives, there is a place where every day people create immortal miracles of art no matter what. It restores the faith in humanity and gives hope for the future.