Music from Star Media Productions Available on Apple Music, Spotify and Other Digital Platforms

Star Media will present soundtracks and musical compositions from its productions on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes and other digital platforms. Among the first ones available for listening and downloading is an album by Boris Kukoba from the historical docudrama "The Romanovs".

As of today, Star Media is one of the major YouTube aggregators of TV series in the CIS, so the company plans to use all the content monetization opportunities offered by YouTube, as well as by other digital platforms.

Thanks to YouTube analytics, the company will work with projects in demand primarily, which will allow it to start earning income immediately. The company plans to cover the content owned by its partners that viewers show interest in. This could be an additional source of income for the members of Star Media's multichannel network.

The company's multichannel network includes more than 70 successful multilingual channels. Star Media is a winner of 45 YouTube Awards, being 10 Gold and 35 Silver Buttons.

Star Media has been a premium YouTube partner for many years and represents 65 major content copyright holders in the CIS. The total number of subscribers to the company's YouTube channels has reached 29 million, with over 1 billion views per month. The aggregator's catalog comprises currently over 60,000 hours of content.

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